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About Me

Listen. Research. Write. Repeat.


I write about health, mental health, medical news, and inspirational people. I have a knack for writing with emotion and connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way. 


I have interviewed hundreds of experts from a wide range of backgrounds, including physicians, psychologists, sociologists, researchers, and scientists, as well as everyday people about their personal health journeys. With an aptitude for listening to others and asking thought-provoking questions, I'm able to craft a story worth reading.

My love for writing began as a child. I started writing poetry when I was 11-years old. I vividly remember sitting at my parent's kitchen table writing in a spiral-bound notebook, erasing and re-writing words over and over again until the poems read exactly how I wanted them to. Writing continued to be my favorite subject throughout school, and I obtained a writing degree in college. A few years later, I received an Editing Certificate from the University of Chicago.

While I didn't know it at the time, my interest in health began in childhood. From a young age, I learned how precious health and life are. My mom carried the BRCA2 gene mutation and was diagnosed with breast cancer at 35-years old, the same age her mother and younger sister were diagnosed. While I never met my grandmother, I witnessed my aunt and mom lose their battle before their time.


My passion for health grew in my teenage years when I started working at my neighborhood pharmacy. With encouragement from the pharmacist George, I became a pharmacy technician. While I didn't mind counting pills, I really enjoyed observing George interact with customers. In retrospect, he became my first expert interviewee. I often asked him about conditions, medications, and supplements.


My first job out of college was an 8-year stint with a medical association in Chicago. There I learned everything from proofreading to copyediting to project management. In my gut, and with validation from my boss, I discovered writing is indeed my calling.

In 2007, after the birth of my son and a few months after the passing of my mother, I felt the push to pursue my dream as a freelance writer.


That same year, my dear childhood friend began showing signs of schizophrenia. Witnessing her live through the challenges of this disease ignited a drive in me. I made it my mission to write stories about mental health with empathy and accuracy in hopes of informing readers while also erasing the stigma associated with mental illness.


When I'm not writing or spending time with my children, you'll find me coaching youth basketball, dancing with my friends, or laughing at a comedy club with my husband.


"As a health writer, I listen to a person’s story for an hour, write about it for four to five hours,
and keep it with me for the
rest of my life."

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