Jase Peeples
features editor at Healthline

"Cathy is a first-class writer and reporter with a great nose for news and the ability to tell stories that inform as well as inspire. Dependable and well-organized, Cathy never misses a deadline and consistently delivers quality work. Her flexibility and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with. Anyone would be lucky for the opportunity to add her to their team."

Marc Lallanilla
former managing editor
at Everyday Health

"As a freelance writer for EverydayHealth.com, Cathy has consistently delivered timely, well-researched, consumer-focused content that covers a wide range of health conditions. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for high-quality health and wellness content."

Dr. Bruce E. Hirsch
attending physician and assistant professor in the infectious disease division of Northwell Health
in Manhasset, New York

"Cathy listens deeply. Her curiosity brings a richness to the issues she addresses, extends the expertise of her interviewees and then captures nuanced concepts with the perfectly placed quote."

Devin Alexander
celebrity chef and New York Times best-selling author

"Cathy Cassata is a rock star journalist I particularly LOVE working with. She’s efficient in interviewing and has always properly reflected my voice and sentiments."


David Mills
news editor at Healthline

"Cathy is the consummate freelance writer. No matter what the assignment, she always finds the perfect people to interview and always makes deadline. Her stories are easy to read, interesting and well-organized. She gets to the heart of the matter in her articles and then delivers personal touches that draws the reader in even more. She never disappoints."

William Georgiades
former feature editor at The Fix

"A fine and lively writer, who repeatedly comes up with terrific ideas, and or takes editorial ideas and realizes them more fully than expected. Always on time, always clean, a pleasure to work with such a professional, knowledgeable and dependable writer."


Jason Tetro
microbiologist and host of "Super Awesome Science Show"

"I’m always thrilled to see a request from Cathy in my Inbox. Over the years, she has given me the opportunity to get deeper into a story and ensure that what the audience sees matters to them. Cathy’s ability to see past the lede and provide that perspective we all desire makes her one of the best in the business and I am thankful to be in her Contacts list."

Dr. William Schaffner
professor of preventive medicine at
Vanderbilt University


"It always is a pleasure to be interviewed by Cathy. She is invariably well-prepared, has a news focus that is right on point and asks questions that illuminate the critical issues. Her stories are clear, well-balanced and readable."

Kristen Domonell Gutierrez
apps editor at Healthline

"Cathy has quickly become my go-to writer when I'm looking for powerful patient stories. She has a knack for interviewing that gets to the heart of someone's personal health story and I can rely on her for turning in beautiful copy before her deadline and with minimal direction."

Jean Lynch
former managing editor at the American Association of
Medical Assistants

"I've known Cathy since the start of her career. She flourished as a staff writer and I continue to hire her to write for us on a freelance basis. She has the knack of turning a lame story lead into a great read. And, as if that weren't enough, Cathy is also a very great pleasure to work with. I recommend her freelance services without reservation."

Krystine Batcho, PhD
professor of psychology at
Le Moyne College

"Cathy is a gifted journalist and author who has interviewed me several times for stories. She approaches complex topics with a creative open mind, uncovers essential issues, and arrives at original insights. With an outstanding ability to weave those insights into engaging articles, Cathy communicates valuable information in pieces that captivate and inspire readers."

Deborah Serani, Psy.D
professor of psychology at
Adelphi University 

"I love to do media work and when I get a request from Cathy to do an expert segment, I know I'm going to be part of a health or wellness article that is well-crafted, thoroughly researched and beautifully written."

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